Famous Last Words

If “famous last words” is some sort of rule, I will contract ebola while getting robbed and shot in the face (I will have no gun to defend myself,) at the PRECISE moment Yellowstone explodes, causing the apocalypse… And Obama transforms into his true identity - the Antichrist.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…

If I had the ability to draw every little thing about the world that I dislike, I believe it would look… A. Lot. Like. Trina.


3…2…1 /Commence Rant #4573

It makes me very sad to constantly see all these memes and posts about how we don’t beat our kids enough … how we used to be so much tougher (the only time “tough” is an asset is if it’s a cleaners for scrubbing the tub)…. how things were so much “fairer” (wtf, since WHEN?) back then. Well… those methods, violent, negligent and archaic, produced an entire generation of effed up kids and it’s Gen X —- NOT our kids. It’s US. I don’t agree with all the new age bs going around - and some of the “zero tolerance” things don’t make sense… but riddle me this, Batman … since when did making a kid feel GOOD about himself ever fucking hurt him? Really. GD I’m just tired of it. If we want to make change… we have to do things differently - and then ACCEPT the results. /end rant


I have no voice
It makes no sound
I know that it doesn’t
Because no one around
Ever hears me….

So I’ll just write it all down…


I think I’m onto something here…

I’ve just envisioned a Hunger Games Spa & Retreat — you getta go beat the shit out of/kill stuff … then get all your medical procedures done that you’ve been putting off, but really need… then you get a fabulous make over from Lenny Kravitz. Holy shit. Sign me up.


Ya Know What I Miss?

Missin’ the days when if someone told you they were in a certain place - you believed them or you didn’t. But, there wasn’t 1000 ways to try to sleuth out a lie.

I miss the days when you had one shot, one phone number to call when you needed to talk to someone - people always answered the phone, just in case it was important.

I miss the days of The Cosby Show on tv not Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Whatthehell. I miss the days when how much money you made, your religious beliefs and your political party were kept almost weirdly PRIVATE.

I miss kickball and being picked last for a team. Made ya think about how to get picked NOT last next time, right? I miss the days of Casey Kasem countin’ it down and smoking in the bathroom at school.

I miss looking at someone across the table and not seeing the top of their head. I miss the encyclopedia and getting into unsolvable arguments ending with, “well who knows?” instead of the almighty Google.

I miss not know where you are, what you are doing, what you are having for lunch and how your minute by minute day is going, because we used to talk about that stuff. And actually laugh out loud. LOL

Sounds like I’m like 104 and I miss the stone ages. Nope I’m sittin’ here missing 1988. Lots and lots has changed in 25 short years. What the hell is it gonna look like in 25 more?



Mind BLOWN!!

Mary Poppins has a T.A.R.D.I.S. type carpet bag… and flies around with an umbrella. HENCE: Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. Carry on


Uhhh….do we even like boys anymore??

I’ve seen a lot of articles on HBIC and Jezebel and The Huffington Post about the War on Women and how we can fight the good fight and bravo! They have been fantastic and informative…then I’ve also seen some “Man Bashing” articles about how men “should” love their women - like instructions or something. I say BS to that. That’s just as bad as measuring your wife for her ironing board in the 50s.

How ‘bout this thought, kids: Men AND Women - respect each other for the amazing creatures - the yins to the yangs that we are. In my opinion - THAT’S how to love someone. That’s how I like to be loved. … Just sayin’ … we’ve just got a lot competition going on. I’m ready for some unity.

PS. Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Girls go to mars to drink in the bars.

T. :)


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out today (June 11th) in 1986.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out today (June 11th) in 1986.

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